Through Gridloc, Entropy Solution gives mobile network operators the option to provide Gridloc features and services to their subscribers. The platform is composed of AAA, a provisioning server, data analytics, a captive portal, and voucher management components, all of which allow mobile network operators to customize their customers’ experience by managing user authentication, policy control, and the network’s portal.

As an access-agnostic solution, Gridloc can work with most RADIUS/DIAMETER-compliant clients and servers. Thus Gridloc gives mobile network operators a great deal of flexibility in creating a wide range of products for their customers.

GRIDLOC Components

Gridloc is Modular

The platform comes with several modules that help refine the services of mobile network operators.

  • Event Dispatcher

    A module that lets Gridloc integrate with third-party applications to send notifications and messages to subscribers using API, email, and SMS, and events can trigger these messages.

  • API-Enabled Provisioning Server

    Gridloc’s database is secure. In turn, this provides API exposure for external systems to manage subscriptions. This automates provisioning operations and gives developers the flexibility needed to create applications that need to interface with the Gridloc platform.

  • Gridloc Service Manager

    This lets administrators and partners manage subscribers and services. The service manager also includes dashboards that display reports on subscribers and services, collecting data that can drive network and business analytics. Gridloc also has optional modules, like the MAP-GW which enables authentication against HLRs connected via SS7, and the DCCA Adapter which allows integrating RADIUS-based infrastructure to a DIAMETER online and offline charging system.

Carrier-Class Control

Gridloc has a carrier-class AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) and Policy Control that’s fully customizable that enables mobile network operators implement fair-use policies based on time, and/or volume.

The 3GPP AAA server is a key component in providing seamless data and voice roaming authentication between mobile and WiFi networks thus be able to transfer mobile data transactions to the WiFi network, leaving mobile data capacities free for services like voice calls or SMS. WiFi offloading also provides continuous Internet connectivity, delivering a seamless customer experience.

Network Function Virtualization

Traditional network systems require hardware for particular functions, and this kind of equipment is frequently proprietary and incurs costs in their upkeep and maintenance. Gridloc eliminates this need through Network Function Virtualization. The platform creates these functions virtually as the need arises and retires them when no longer needed.

Gridloc’s NFV is interoperable: it works with any industry-standard NFV infrastructure, and integrates easily. It’s management and control functions ensure the right number of workers are there at all times, while the load balancers can ensure proper scaling based on the transaction needs.

Captive Portal

Gridloc also comes with a stable, scalable, and customizable captive portal that provides a user interface that easily authenticates users for Internet access on wired and WiFi networks. This can also carry advertisements and can gather customer information.

Voucher Management

Gridloc can manage the end-to-end lifecycle of physical and digital vouchers, starting with PIN generation and activation to deactivation and redemption. These vouchers can also be sent to a printing facility.


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