Sell Vouchers

Gridloc enables you to offer wifi packages and sell them through vouchers. WIFI has become a real necessity in this time of age and having a way for people to be able to access fast and reliable internet in your establishment can be something people would be willing to pay for.

mCart – Quota Sharing Platform

Conduct Surveys

Nothing is truly for free nowadays but offering people something worth their time and effort will encourage them to trade their opinions for fast and reliable internet connection.

Gridloc enables you to conduct surveys before giving your customers internet access. Gather data and be able to monetize this with companies interested to understand your market.

Geolocation Based Advertisements

Advertisements are everywhere, but it would be truly beneficial to people using your internet infrastructure if they can quickly react to something that is beneficial to them in the moment.

With Gridloc’s Business Analytics, you can easily show your prospects the number of visits and usage your system is getting from pageviews, devices, websites visited, and others. With these data, you will be able to effectively sell your advertising packages to businesses within your vicinity or target market.

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