Session Control

Have full control on your user’s access, monitor and then decide how you can fully maximize your connection. Understand user consumption and manage them as you see fit best for your enterprise.

Time Based Packages

In providing access you can set it to expire for a day, 6 hours, or even 30 minutes. Maximize your connection by fairly distributing it to your consumer base.

Volume Based Packages

Decide whether to give your users 10MB of data or 100MB, before prompting them to re-register or buy your vouchers. Managing data limitations helps ensure fair-use policy of your internet connection.

AAA and Policy Control

AAA policy control stands for authentication, authorization, and accounting. With authentication, the system identifies each device that connects to the WiFi network and assigns a profile. With authorization, the system allows a level of access based on each profile—web browsing, social media, video, among others—as well as privileged access for certain devices. With accounting, the system monitors the users’ actions and movements, logging time online, bandwidth consumed, successful and failed connections, number of visits.

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