The Redefined User Experience

As an end-to-end broadband Internet solution, Gridloc offers commercial property management companies a tool that can manage, maximize, and profit from their internet service connection.

Gridloc supports the following features:

  • User Registration

  • Survey

  • Advertisements

  • Voucher Login

  • Social Media Login

  • Sponsored WIFI Access

  • Time-based and Volume-based Packages

  • Time of Day Access

  • Customizable portal skin

  • User profiling and usage analysis

  • Location detection

  • Cloud-based WiFi service

Cloud-based Enterprise AAA and Policy Control

Gridloc makes all its functions possible through its portal and AAA policy control. The portal serves as the landing page for the user, setting the tone and terms of access from the start. Here, a customer can be given options for logging in: through social media, email, or filling out information or survey fields. Gridloc’s portal skin is customizable, providing opportunities for branding and advertising.

Gridloc saves small and medium enterprises the expense of owning their own AAA and policy control. This also lets them optimize their allocated internet bandwidth and offer fair-use policies based on time, volume, or time of day.

Know more about Gridloc for Enterprise, and how it can benefit your business today.


A powerful web interface that enables the admin to create and configure the Portal / Landing page that the customers will see before they can access the internet from the WiFi.

It comes with pre-defined template screens from the usual log-in with email and password, use of social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, answer a web survey, or enter voucher pin that the system generates.

GridUI™ makes it easy for the admin through its drag and drop page builder, to create and customize their portal. Administrators can setup up their logos, implementing slideshow banners for advertising, and initialize event triggered interactions that can initiated at the beginning of the log-in / registration process, or after the minutes allocated per user has been consumed.

GridUI™ is built with it’s users in mind making it the perfect tool for creating your Broadband / WiFi portal pages!

GridUI™ comes with the Gridloc Enterprise Package.

A Redefined User Experience

On the end-user side, Gridloc has two consumer touch points: the captive portal and the consumer mobile app. These two core components help manage, maximize, and monetize an organization’s available Internet bandwidth.


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