WIFi Wherever You Need It

The more connected we are, the more comfortable we become.

A free and public WiFi zone that will allow access to information that will help me find the nearest good restaurant and the best route to get there, learn about the weather, bank schedules, or send an important email are among the many benefits of the Municipal WiFi.

Municipal WiFi can help some members of the community who do not have access to internet, find a place where students can do their homework, research, and check email, beyond the community’s public library’s working hours.

Municipal WiFi can also help promote the community as a destination. Free WIFi can motivate travellers to stop and explore the town. It can be set up so that travellers passing through receive an announcement of free WiFi. Once on the free service, are brought to a landing page that highlights local eateries, events and the interesting things to do while in town. The overall experience can help identify the town as progressive, where positive change is widely embraced.

On the community level, the Municipal Wifi can be used spread needed information in case of disasters, coordinate relief efforts, and provide access routes and status on supplies that are urgently needed.

Gridloc Enterprises provides solutions that empower communities, create business relationships and boost local economies through efficient management of online access, bandwidth optimization that maximizes user experience and a platform that help generate revenues though paid commercial advertisements. With Gridloc Enterprise, Municipal WiFi can be a success.

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