Connectivity has become as indispensible as the air we breathe.

A Research+Data Insights study says that 7 in 10 traveller’s say that fast, accessible WiFi is more important than a hotel’s location, parking facilities and even free breakfast.

A survey by hotelier Roomzzz uncovered that 65 per cent of guests went online within seven minutes of checking in and a third requested the WiFi password on arrival.

Even crowsourced websites use the availability of fast, free WiFi as their standard to rank hotels. More than a feature, WiFi has become an important utility, along with water and electricity.

Today’s consumers bring their smartphones, laptops, and tablets with them wherever they go and WiFi is essential to supporting the widespread adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Whether on business or at leisure, patrons expect ready access to high speed internet to check email, access work files, engage on social media sites, watch movies, or listen to music. Guests would use TripAdvisor to check restaurants and interesting sights than going through a guide book, or avail of transport services via the Uber app instead of calling the local taxi.

If first-time guest satisfaction and to have guests return are your top priorities, a strong and consistent WiFi experience should be the goal.
BYOD has become increasingly popular and the ability of users to use the devices of their choice, running the applications they choose at any moment they choose can lead to complex management problems for IT departments.

Gridloc Enterprise helps the Hospitality business eliminate wifi network problems. It is by far the best WiFi Management Solution in terms of features and capabilities available in the market today. It is setup for quick deployment, with a user-friendly interface full packed with features to help you Manage, Maximize, and Monetize your internet connection within your business.

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