Guest Wifi are Business Builders

While the primary reason companies deploy Wifi in their offices is for their employees to gain access to mission critical business applications, businesses, to differentiate themselves, allow internet access to their customers, through their WiFi network, to encourage them to stay longer, engage and buy more products. Assisting them gain access to information they need while in your office build brand loyalty.

A reliable WiFi connectivity can boost competitive advantage. In a study by Ogilvy, Google and TNS, 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. An enhanced user experience brought about by an effective WiFi infrastructure may even lead your satisfied customers to market your business for you.

However, with the proliferation of wireless devices together with BYOD, getting connected to a WiFi network, management becomes a concern. If your WLAN offers unreliable and sporadic service due to poorly optimized bandwidth allocation, imagine the negative impact this can create on your company’s reputation and revenue.

While many companies, as a means to regulate, put a cap on the time period their visitors can use their free broadband service, Gridloc Enterprises offers a more sophisticated and cost effective solutions of Managing, Maximizing and Monetizing your broadband internet connection.

Through an online portal, Gridloc Enterprises regulates online access based on several factors such as time and volume to ensure optimal access any time of the day, maximizes user experience through allocating bandwidth depending on the type of access, and a money-making tool that generates income from commercial advertisers, WiFi subscription, to push advertising.

Gridloc Enterprise Solution aims to help your guests build your business.

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