Redefining the Airport Experience

Airport experience has become more stressful than a working week. Anxiety encountered from queues at security, the airline counter check in and then unexpected flight delays can take its toll on any traveller.

However, with airline passengers now carrying one or more devices, it presents an incredible opportunity for airports to differentiate. Using WLAN infrastructures, they can redefine airport experience.

Anxieties created by uncertain departure times, confirmations whether their baggage are safely loaded on their flights, and directions to their gate can be eliminated by providing passengers travel information through their mobile devices and smartphones. Directions to shops and restaurants and unlimited WiFi access can offer relief to the traveller. The benefit extends to the business traveller who wants to remain productive while travelling.

Gridloc Enterprise aims to provide remarkable passenger experience through its sophisticated WiFI management solutions.

Gridock Enterprise will regulate online access to ensure optimal access any time of the day, maximizes user experience through allocating bandwidth depending on the type of access, and a money-making tool by widening your impact on your audience through ads from commercial advertisers or through premium service to paying subscribers.

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