Entropy Solution focuses in delivering cutting-edge innovations catered for telco, retail and advertising. It offers end-to-end solution starting from product discovery, service delivery and operational support. Its main products evolve on Telco application services, web-based and mobile-based applications that bring convergence to these multi-technology industries.

The end-to-end approach empowers the customers to personalize their services while at the same time, complements the existing network of telco operators. It allows them to maximize their infrastructure by building unique competitive services, at a faster delivery time, with lower cost. These solutions are supported by Entropy’s excellent professional services composed of proficient solution architects and engineers with more than 15 years of telco and IT expertise.

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Our History

Founded in Aljunied, Singapore in 2010, Entropy Solution aims for the continuous innovation of telecommunication solutions, by creating cutting-edge applications on top of open platform boxes. These solutions simplify service creation and delivery by allowing telco operators to launch services on their powerful and complex network that brings convergence on a multiple technology and multi-vendor environment.

Innovative Solutions

Entropy Solution has three main portfolios, the largest of which is Innovative Solutions. These new generation solutions converge the offerings of circuit switched- and packet switched- systems in the same platform, enabling service flexibility and intelligent product offering while complementing the operator’s existing network and backend systems. This convergence enables operators to offer multi-brand shared services, future-proof products and flexible plans for voice, SMS and data.

Customer Empowerment

This entails an application gateway integrated to the converged network enabling modules for web portal and mobile application client, where Entropy’s mCart mobile app, Vortex portal or third party applications are integrated. It empowers subscribers to do account inquiry, service enrollment, credit management, WiFi-specific services and customer support.

Professional Services and Operations Support

Entropy is equipped by highly proficient architects, engineers, and vendor partners. The team has more than 15 years of telco experience and expertise.

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