The Broadband Management Solution

Gridloc is a proprietary software developed by Entropy Solution. It is a full feature packed Broadband Management system that will help you Manage, Maximize and Monetize your internet broadband connection. It is available via Cloud or as a standalone deployment for Enterprise and Telco customers.


Users register or log in to the captive portal and landing page to gain WiFi access. Managing users begins with the portal’s landing page. This tells users how much bandwidth they have and for how long they may use it.


As a basic feature, Gridloc enforces a fair-use policy based on time, volume, or time of day. This optimizes the available bandwidth, distributing a fair share of it to all users logged in at any given time.


Businesses may monetize Gridloc as a cost benefit by offering WiFi packages and credits and using the platform to push advertising content, announce events, and offer promotions.

Entropy Solution focuses in delivering cutting-edge innovations catered for telco, retail and advertising. It offers end-to-end solution starting from product discovery, service delivery and operational support. Its main products evolve on Telco application services, web-based and mobile-based applications that bring convergence to these multi-technology industries.


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